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Magic and Chalk Pictures

MagicBob     MagicBob    MagicBob

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Promotional Photo Promotional Photo  Promotional Photos This is absolute proof that MagicBob took an interest in magic at a very tender age!
A highlight in my magical career, as I was was presented with the Gold Key of Excellence by three legends of magic; Johnny Thompson, Lance Burton, and Mac King.Up to my knees in alligators!
Ever have a day where something like wet socks might be the least of your problems?
Levitating across the Grand Canyon!
If it is on the internet, it has to be true!

I didn't know I needed a barrel!
If it is on the internet, it has to be true!
Fun Photo
A SuZie in the hat is much
better than a rabbit in the hat!
Banyan Tree
Magic is all about misdirection.
Can you spot the 7 dangers he doesn't see?
Okay, some days it just takes a little extra effor to make the elephant disappear!
Fun Photo
Less dangerous than trying to
levitate across the Grand Canyon!
Fun Photo
I am learning how to stretch a dollar
ow that I'm retired,
Fun Photo
I recently discovered that it is easier to levitate objects that can help themselves!
Challenged by the 100 foot rope escape
with Smith & Wesson M-100 handcuffs
AND a set of Hyatt Darby handcuffs!
Strait Jacket
WOW! Does this make the
blood rush to your head!

Chalk Art
A sampling of SuZie's repertoire of over 200 pictures.
This series is currently being made into postcards.
Most of SuZie's pictures cover over 40 square feet and are completed in less than 10 minutes..
The Light of the World
SuZie uses this picture to encourage Christians to share the Good News.
This might just be my favorite picture that SuZie regualrly draws!
Three Ball Illustration
SuZie often uses this picture to support our sharing of the Gospel.
Life is a Puzzle
It is a contest!
I try to complete a randomly chosen Sudoku puzzle before SuZie completes this picture, usually in less than 7 minutes.
Who will win the next time?
Christmas Wreath
This is a Christmas favorite. SuZie draws the wreath on a large canvas. Then when showered with black light, the manger scene becomes visible.
Very dramatic before a live audience!
Symbols of India
Tiger, Lotus, & Banyan.
SuZie uses this picture to support the sharing of the Gospel in India using the national animal, national flower, and the national tree of India.
A Lamp Unto My Feet
SuZie often shares this picture when I publicly display my antiquarian Bible collection.
Check it out at: www.Bible-Exhibit.com
 SuZie's Testimony
This is the picture SuZie uses most often to share her personal testimony.

SuZie uses this picture most often as a tribute to our veterans. The moon/coin really pops in black light.
SuZie draws this picture to the tune of Chris Rice's song CARTOONS to the delight of young and old.
Until SuZie turns on the black light,
the harvest moon is plain white.
What a surprise for the audience!
Let There Be Light
SuZie illustrates Genesis 1:3.