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           Performance Chalk Artist




Trade Show Magic


Two exhibits, one empty, one packedů
what's the difference? 


Why will people stop at YOUR trade show booth?

Your trade show team has 3 seconds to get their attention, and on average, 

7 seconds to deliver your message IF they can make eye contact at all.


MagicBob's close up illusions will provide an irresistible draw to the potential leads which currently stroll right past your booth, AND he will guarantee that YOUR MESSAGE gets delivered in a fun, memorable manner.


Featuring his award winning sleight of hand and critically acclaimed close up illusions, MagicBob's presentations mix mind-boggling magic with subtle marketing messages continually reinforcing your presence in the mind of your clients.



"I know it's marketing, but it's COOL marketing

- Joe Hammond- senior technical engineer, Intel.


"I wanted to touch base with you and again tell you how much we enjoyed your presentations. They were far above and beyond what I had hoped.

Michal Ann Enders - Leighton United


"Bob Zoerman performed . . . the finest (topical) magic this writer has ever seen."
Tom Craven in THE LINKING RING - 

published monthly by the International Brotherhood of Magicians



MagicBob many awards for Excellence in CLOSE UP MAGIC and for Excellence in STAGE PERFORMANCE,

 from the
International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring #211,
Grand Rapids, Michigan.